Monday, December 28, 2015

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

We're still sort of in Christmas mode around our place, with lots of holiday-ing going on. Also need to spend a couple of days out and about, running errands and restocking supplies. So it's very likely I won't be reading anything today. And tomorrow might be no-read, too. BUT if I do get some time to hit the books, this is what I'm likely to be reading:

The Last September, by Nina de Gramont. It's one of the Library Thing Early Reviewer books I've got piled up. Well, not a pile exactly -- but I'm at least a couple of books behind in my LTER reviews. So I do need to get this one read before 2016 hits.

Actually, this morning I've mostly just been stressing out about the new Blogger/Google policy on blog following. If you have a Blogger blog, you've probably seen the Blogger Buzz notice -- but I'll quote it for everyone else (the highlighting is my own addition):
...starting the week of January 11, we’ll remove the ability for people with Twitter, Yahoo, Orkut or other OpenId providers to sign in to Google Friend Connect and follow blogs. At the same time, we’ll remove non-Google Account profiles so you may see a decrease in your blog follower count. 
We encourage you to tell affected readers (perhaps via a blog post), that if they use a non-Google Account to follow your blog, they need to sign up for a Google Account, and re-follow your blog. With a Google Account, they’ll get blogs added to their Reading List, making it easier for them to see the latest posts and activity of the blogs they follow.
I'm not sure that this is anything to get excited about. And I never really understood all the differences between following and following with/without Friend Connect. But I don't like the idea of losing followers. And I really don't like the idea of people being forced to sign up for a Google account just to follow my blog.

I have a blog at WordPress that I've used a few times over the years, and I've given some thought to just switching over to that one and bidding Blogger a fond farewell. The only reason I haven't done that before now is that Blogger is so user-friendly, and I've always found WordPress to be really difficult to navigate. But I'm going to try to play around with it a bit in the next few days, and see how it goes. So I just might start the new year off with a brand new blog. We'll see what develops.

If you've got any thoughts re: Blogger vs. WordPress, I'd love to hear them.

So. Back to the books. Or maybe not. Hmmm. Have the holidays kept you from doing as much reading as you'd like? Or do you just go merrily on, as usual?

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? is now hosted by Kathryn at Book Date. If you want to let the world know what you're going to be reading this week, head on over to her blog and leave your link. It's also a great way to discover new books and new blogs.


  1. Oh, Blogger is always doing something, which is why I no longer have any blogs there. However, I did keep my blogger profile page, so I'm still able to sign in.

    It has been a long time since I first started on WP, and yes, it was challenging at first, but I love it now, and have all six of my sites there.

    I hope you find a way to switch over...and if you do, just keep your Blogger profile. They don't care if you have any sites can still have a profile page.

    The Last September is on my wish list. Can't wait to see your thoughts on it.


  2. Hmm I am not sure about Blogger and followers. I am on Blogger but don't use it to follow, instead I use Bloglovin'. I agree Blogger is easy to use and now I am set up on it I don't want to change. I do have a WP blog as a general blog but I think if people want to follow you they will find their way.
    Heard good things about The Last September.

  3. I did some exchanges today and hope to work on the tree tomorrow so don't know that I'll be doing much reading either. Maybe I can do some listening when I take the tree down.

    I think blogger and wordpress each have their own issues.

  4. I didn't know about this Blogger Policy.

    I am not going to stress about losing followers. I like my blogger blog and am staying with it. :) Folks follow via e-mail and bloglovin'. I think I will be fine. :)

    ENJOY The Last September. I read it a few months ago. It was good.

    Have a good last week of 2015, and Happy New Year!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My It's Monday, What Are You Reading

  5. I enjoy Blogger, but it may become a hassle if my WP followers now have to have a Google account? I hope they will!!

  6. All too confusing to me. I have a WordPress account as well but thought it was difficult -- blogger was much more user friendly but I might have to switch over although most of my followers are Blogger.


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