Rating System


Here at A Little Reading, I don't rate every book I read. But when I do rate a book, I use the following point (or stars)/grading system:
  • 6 points/stars (A+) = My "desert island" category - all-time favorites that I wouldn't want to be without; not many get this rating
  • 5 points/stars (A) = Loved it, would recommend it; would read this author again
  • 4 points/stars (A-/B+) = An enjoyable read, one I'd probably recommend to other readers; most books will most likely fall into this category
  • 3 points/stars (B) = It was OK, I might or might not recommend it to others
  • 2 points/stars (C) = Mediocre; disappointing; had trouble finishing
  • 1 point/star (D) = Don't waste your time
  • (I don't have an "F" category. Most of those books would fall into the DNF category, since I almost never try to struggle through books that would rate an F.)
  • DNF (Did Not Finish) Books I started reading and then abandoned or put aside. This doesn't always mean I didn't like the book, just that I wasn't able to finish it or didn't feel like continuing with it. Might or might not finish it later.
If you read my reviews, you'll notice I sometimes show the rating as stars, sometimes list the rating as points, sometimes as a grade. I'm making an effort to be more consistent with this, but tend to backslide. Also, I haven't always used a rating system with my reviews -- again, I'm trying to be more consistent now. But it's a struggle.