Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Teaser Tuesdays: Night Film


This week my teaser lines come from Night Film, by Marisha Pessl.  I'm not sure about page numbers for this snippet, since I'm reading this one on the Kindle; but it's from Chapter 13 (Loc.1266).
"She looked right at me and my first thought was, Oh wow, she's pretty....But as she turned and started walking toward me, I felt scared."
"Why?" I asked.
"It was like, when you looked into her eyes the human part was detached and there was something else looking out."
I was a little worried when I first read that -- for a while I was very afraid I was dealing with just another "paranormal" vampire/werewolf/zombie thriller.  But this one is much more complicated than that, I'm happy to say.  Hoping to finish the book tonight and get a review up soon.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Reading Update

The artist's wife reading, by Henri Bouvet (French, 1859-1949)

I've been taking a little break from reading for the last few weeks.  Not because I wanted to, really. But I was hit with a pretty horrendous allergy attack right around the middle of September, and my eyes were so swollen and inflamed and itchy, that reading for more than a few minutes was a real problem.  I'm pretty much back to normal now, though -- whatever was causing the attack must be past its peak season or something.  Or maybe the rains we've had recently just washed the irritants out of the air.  Don't know.  But at least I'm able to read again, and for the moment all's right with the world!

So this week, I'm back to two books I was reading when the attack started:

Night Film: A Novel, by Marisha Pessl

and The Small Hand and Dolly, by Susan Hill

I'm about halfway through each of these, so I should be able to finish them up this week.  (Fingers crossed for no more allergies!)

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