Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Books Read in 2019

Cumulative Reading List

Here's where I'll be tracking my reading in 2019.

I usually have 50 books as my annual goal, but in recent years I've rarely achieved it. So this year I'm being a little more realistic and cutting that number down to 40 books. That's just a little more than a three-book average per month, and sounds fairly doable. So, here we go again....


1. The Quiche of Death (Agatha Raisin #1). M.C. Beaton (1992; fiction; 196 pages, Kindle edition)
2. The Janus Stone (Ruth Galloway #2). Elly Griffiths (2010; fiction; 337 pages, Kindle edition)
3. Educated: A Memoir. Tara Westover (2018; nonfiction/autobiography; 339 pages, Kindle edition; ARC)
4. The Water Tower Club. B.K. Mayo (January 2019; fiction; 274 pages) 


5. O Pioneers! Willa Cather (1913; fiction; 154 pages)
6. Murder Theory (The Naturalist #3). Andrew Mayne (February 2019; fiction; 296 pages, ARC; e-book)


7. The Stranger Diaries. Elly Griffiths (November 2018 / March 2019; fiction; 352 pages, ARC; e-book)
8. Run Away. Harlan Coben (March 2019; fiction; 385 pages; e-book)
9. The Uninvited. Dorothy Macardle (1942; fiction; 256 pages; e-book)


10. The Appleton Case (Markham Sisters #1). Diana Xarissa (2015; fiction; 105 pages; e-book)
11. The Light at Tern Rock. Julia L. Sauer (1951; children's fiction; 64 pages)
12. Flat Stanley. Jeff Brown (1964; children's picture book; 48 pages)
13. The Magic Bedknob. Mary Norton (1943; fantasy; 113 pages)


14. The Invited. Jennifer McMahon (2019; fiction; 368 pages, ARC; e-book)
15. Light from Other Stars. Erika Swyler (2019; fiction/sci-fi; 320 pages, ARC; e-book)
16. Little Darlings. Melanie Golding (2019; fiction/thriller; 315 pages, ARC; e-book)
17. The Vicious Vet (Agatha Raisin #2). M.C. Beaton (1993; fiction/mystery; 224 pages; e-book)

18. The Last Romantics. Tara Conklin (2019; fiction; 368 pages, ARC)
19. Mrs. Everything. Jennifer Weiner (2019; fiction; 480 pages, ARC; e-book)
20. Good Rosie! Kate DiCamillo; illus. by Harry Bliss (2018; children's fiction; 32 pages)

21. Recursion. Blake Crouch (2019; fiction/sci-fi thriller; 336 pages, ARC; e-book)
22. Lady in the Lake. Laura Lippman (2019; historical fiction/mystery; 352 pages, ARC; e-book)
23. The Potted Gardener (Agatha Raisin #3). M.C. Beaton (1994; fiction/cozy mystery; 256 pages; e-book)

24. The Patience of a Dead Man. Michael Clark (2019; fiction/ghost story; 374 pages, ARC; e-book)
25. Be Brave, Little Noddy. Enid Blyton (1956; children's picture book; 62 pages)
26. The Whispering Rabbit and Other Stories. Margaret Wise Brown; illus. by Garth Williams and Lillian Obligado (1965; children's picture book; 63 pages)

27. The Man in the White Linen Suit (Stewart Hoag #11). David Handler (2019; fiction/mystery; 272 pages, ARC; e-book)
28. Fake Like Me. Barbara Bourland (2019; fiction/suspense; 368 pages, ARC; e-book)

29. Who Goes There? John W. Campbell (1938; fiction/sci-fi thriller; about 100 pages; e-book)
30. The Shape of Night. Tess Gerritsen (2019; fiction/romantic suspense/ghost story; 288 pages, ARC; e-book)
31. We Were Killers Once (Brigid Quinn #4). Becky Masterman (2019; fiction; 320 pages, ARC; e-book)
32. The Body in the Wake (Faith Fairchild #25). Katherine Hall Page (2019; fiction/cozy mystery; 240 pages)

33. Sorry for the Dead (Josephine Tey #8). Nicola Upson (2019; historical fiction/mystery; 320 pages; e-book)

34. The Walkers of Dembley (Agatha Raisin #4). M.C. Beaton (1995; fiction/cozy mystery; 240 pages)

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  1. I think 40 or 50 books is a very do-able goal. I did not count how many books I read in 2018 but will do so soon. I finished with a fabulous bang, Phineas Redux by Anthony Trollope. It is good to end on a high note.


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