Monday, February 21, 2022

Reading Update - 21 February 2022

February is not my favorite month of the year. It's cold. It seems like the longest month of the year even though it's the shortest. And it's spelled funny. It's just usually a very frustrating time of year. But even with all that frustration, I generally get a lot of reading done in February. This year, for some reason .... not so much.

So far this month, I've read a bunch of children's books, but haven't finished any grown-up books. Second childhood? Perhaps. Anyway, here's what I've read this month....

But I do have a couple of adult books going, too. Right now, I'm about halfway through this one....

It's definitely a grown-up read. Now I just need to keep myself from sliding back into toddler mode so I can finish it! 

Happy reading, everyone — and have a great week!

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