Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Teaser Tuesdays: Last One In September

My teaser this week is from The Inn at Lake Devine, by Elinor Lipman. I haven't actually started it yet, as I'm still finishing up the book I was reading last week (Ruth Rendell's From Doon with Death). My reading has slowed down a bit lately, but I'm trying to get myself back on track.

Anyway, this excerpt (yes, I know – more than two lines again – tsk! tsk!) is from page 46 of the paperback edition, and the young main character (Natalie?) is checking out the bedroom of a new friend:
A baby doll in what I would soon learn was a christening gown was under the covers, the blanket tucked under her rubber armpits. "Her name's Annette," said Gretel.

I asked her if Annette was named after Annette the Mouseketeer, because I used to have a boy doll I called Cubby.

"No, she's not," said Gretel, an obvious lie, since there was only one Annette in the universe.
Well, it did seem that way back in the early '60s, didn't it? Not that I expect anyone besides me remembers the early '60s (I'm the Oldest Woman in the World). But Annette was certainly very famous at the time, and seemed to be everywhere. She was, however, not my favorite of the Mouse People – I thought Annette was talented and pretty, but boring. I always liked Darlene best – sadly, she had a rather unfortunate history in later life (as far as I know, Darlene was the only one of the original Mouseketeers who served jail time).

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  1. I definitely didn't catch that cultural reference - thanks for explaining it! The teaser sounded very spot-on for kids playing in any time period, though. Good choice!

    You can check mine out here.

  2. Great teaser! I did catch the cultural bit, I do recall Annette! I too am old. ;)
    My teaser is here: http://rundpinne.blogspot.com/2009/09/puzzle-king-teaser-tuesdays.html

  3. I loved the Mickey Mouse Club but I never saw the original ones in the 60's. Funny teaser!

  4. Fun teaser. An obvious lie is worse than no excuse at all.

  5. They sound so sweet and innocent - tucking a baby doll under a blanket in the bed.

    I vaguely remember Annette from my mother telling me about her and seeing clips of her on the old Mickey Mouse Club but I don't know anything about Darlene. Jail though. I bet that didn't sit too well with Disney.

    My teaser is here -> Teaser Tuesday


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