Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Summer Reading Challenge 2009 Completed

I've been putting this off for a week now, hoping to get a few more reviews written. But since the Summer Reading Challenge ended along with the season on September 21, I suppose I should go ahead and post my wrap-up before we're all buried under snow.

The Challenge was hosted by Susan at A Southern Daydreamer Reads, and it was one of my favorite kinds of reading challenge – hardly any rules, read what you want. Here's what I read (with links to reviews):

  1. The Valley of Fear. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  2. The Angel's Game. Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  3. Sacred Hearts. Sarah Dunant
  4. The Fire. Katherine Neville
  5. Grave Goods. Ariana Franklin
  6. Fear the Worst. Linwood Barclay
  7. Rabbit Is Rich. John Updike
  8. Victory Over Japan. Ellen Gilchrist
  9. Dance of Death. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
  10. The Man in the Picture. Susan Hill
  11. The Woman in Black. Susan Hill
  12. New Year's Eve. Lisa Grunwald

I'll get those missing reviews up later this week – well, most of them anyway. I pretty much enjoyed all the books I read (at least I don't regret any of them), and a few of them (especially Sacred Hearts and Rabbit Is Rich) are probably going on my list of all-time favorites. Just want to say thanks so much to Susan for hosting such a fun, hassle-free summer event.


  1. The best part is that you didn't regret reading any of them!! That is a successful challenge for sure!

  2. The best part of a challenge is completing it :)

  3. Good job! It's great that with that many books, you liked them all.

  4. The best kind of challenges are the ones you CAN complete - at least for me who sucks at challenges...


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