Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekly Geeks #18: Catch Up On Something – The Wrap-Up

This week’s theme for the Weekly Geeks group was “Catch Up on . . . Something.” Now that’s a challenge I can always use – I’m one of the great procrastinators of my generation. But this gave me a nice firm nudge, and I’ve been working really hard all week on getting my reviews caught up, and my challenge books organized. Really hard.

I ignored email and phone messages. I stopped cleaning the apartment. I let the laundry pile up. I chained myself to my computer and went without sleep.

OK, I lied about chaining myself to the computer.

But I worked very diligently. Like a little beaver. Like a madwoman. Like one possessed. I gave up cooking and hired Boy Scouts to bring me hot meals.

OK, I lied about the Boy Scouts.

But I did work on it a lot. And after a whole week of concentrating on catching up, I have to admit … I didn’t really get all that caught up after all. Could we please have catch-up week every week? Pretty please?

So this is what I did get accomplished:
Made a survey of the reading challenges I still have to finish up this year (five). Made a list of all the books I should be reading (fourteen), and when I should have them finished (too soon). Wrote a post about it for my blog.

Finished reading and wrote a review of my last LibraryThing Early Reviewer book, Mr. White’s Confession, by Robert Clark (see review).
Reviewed American Wife, by Curtis Sittenfeld (see review).
Reviewed So Long at the Fair, by Christina Schwarz (see review).

Pulled together a list of all the books I read during the summer that I still need to review (about half a dozen).

Updated my spread sheet database of ARCs. Also realized that I need to declare a bit of a moratorium on requesting ARCs until I can get some of my challenge books read and blogged about. [Note to self: Cut it out!]

Entered a bunch of recently-acquired books in my LibraryThing catalogue. This wasn’t something I’d planned to do, but it was definitely something I needed to catch up on. I’m up to 1,865 books now, with more to come.

Finished writing that novel I started twenty years ago, and sold it to Random House.
OK, I lied about the novel.


  1. Drat it! I was all ready to call for the Boy Scouts!

  2. Great summary! And it DOES sound like you accomplished a lot really. Way to go! :)

  3. Your post brought a smile to my face--I like your sense of humor! Oh, and it sure sounds like you accomplished quite a lot to me.
    (page after page)


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