Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Ghostly Challenge

I know I shouldn’t be adding another challenge right now – this fall is already shaping up to be a pretty busy one around here. But I just couldn’t resist that button – it reminds me of the Little Lulu comic books I loved as a kid.

And since I’m already reading spooky stuff during the next couple of months for Carl V’s R.I.P. III Challenge, I think I might as well join this one, too. It’s called A Ghostly Challenge, and it’s being hosted by Callista, of SMS Book Reviews. Here are the guidelines:

For this challenge, you have from September 1 to October 31 to read 2 books that feature ghosts or are otherwise ghostly. Use your discretion.
1. All books are allowed, audiobooks, picture books, non fiction, fiction, short stories, whatever.
2. Books of short stories count as one book though.
3. Crossovers allowed.
4. You can make a list beforehand or add to it as you go.
To sign up, sign the comments
[on the challenge announcement page] with either a link to your blog post or the url of your blog post where you mention your intention to participate. If you don't have a blog, just give me your list of books.
Well, I’ll probably be using the same list that I’m already using for the RIP Challenge – but maybe different books. Or maybe not. Have to see how much time I can make for reading before Halloween rolls around.



    Try reading these, very good stories.

  2. So you never came back to the group blog with reviews, did you read any books for this challenge? If so can you send me the links to the books?

  3. sure.

    try the M.R.James Stories as well.....

  4. callista--
    My bad - I did write a wrap-up post, but forgot to come back and link it to the group blog. I've done that now, but here's a link to that post.

    Sorry about the slip-up. I really enjoyed the challenge and the two books I read. Thanks very much for hosting.


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