Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Sunday Salon: Dead Dogs and Blog Hopping

Looks like I’m late getting to the Salon this week (what, again?). Don’t seem to be able to get anything written earlier in the day on Sundays, what with errands and shopping – and old movies and the NFL on the tube. Well, not really much football watching today, since the Cowboys play tomorrow night.

But I still haven’t been able to settle down for a good long read today. Just the Sunday book review supplements and a few pages of my current book, Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. I’m reading it for several different challenges, and so far it seems pretty good. Of course, I haven’t gotten very far into it yet. If you’ve read it, you know it has a rather vivid description of a murdered dog as its opening paragraph. It took me some effort to get past that, but I’m pressing on. I’ve heard good things about the novel, so I’m hoping I won’t be too grossed out as Mark and I proceed with the story.

Aside from that, my only other bookish activity today has been playing around with my WordPress blog, which I set up months ago and then never really used. Today I posted a bunch of reviews over there, just to see how the site works. Complete waste of time, I know, but it was fun.

I’m not sure whether I’d like WordPress better than Blogspot/Blogger. I know a lot of book bloggers seem to have switched over. And my cousins (who have wonderful taste and are a lot brighter than I am) have recently transferred their blogs to WordPress. So it must have advantages, yes? So far, WordPress seems fairly easy to use and I like their templates. But Blogger appears a little more versatile. What do you think? Well, I'm a creature of habit, and I think I need to play around with it a little more before I do any moving or transferring.

And that’s about it. The week coming up is Book Bloggers Appreciation Week. I haven’t really been doing much about that, but I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s posts. Should be interesting. After all, book bloggers certainly deserve a lot of appreciation – don’t we?


  1. I tried Word Press when I first started and got so quickly frustrated that I switched to Blogger. I'm content now.

  2. I had such a time getting past the dog paragraph too. There is not much that upsets me but the thought of a hurt or abused animal breaks me heart. It ended up being a good read though.

  3. I have a blog on Blogger and one on WP. I think I prefer WP because it's control panel is easier to use. But! Blogger has one big advantage: you can tweak the html, whereas on the standard WP templates you don't have access to the html of your template.

  4. You have other cousins? Hee hee. What are their blogs? Do I know them? The reason I went to Wordpress is that it is easier to mess with the pictures. I don't know if it is more Linux friendly or what but I don't have as much problem with the inserts. However, I do still go to my blogger account because I have a nifty tracker on there that I can't use on Wordpress. So, there you go -- is one better than the other? I guess it depends on what you are judging them on.

  5. I started with Blogger, but switched to WordPress and love it.

    Personally, I just visited your blog over there and thought it was a much nicer layout than here (but maybe that's just me).

    One thing about WordPress that I don't like, but is easy enough to get around in most cases, is it doesn't allow javascript, which if you want certain applications, you can't use them. However, other than that, overall, I like better.

  6. I used to be on Blogger :) I loved how easy it is to use although the theme-changing feature and greater flexibility on Wordpress (on my own domain) allows more room for fun!

    Sadly, free Wordpress blogs are BLOCKED in China :-( It was only recently that Blogspot was UN-blocked.

    "The Curious Incident" is one of my FAVOURITE books :) I've got another of Mark Haddon's books on my shelf too but there's just so little time! LOL


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