Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tuesday Thingers: Shared Books

This week, Boston Bibliophile has yet another interesting topic for the Tuesday Thingers group:

Members who have your books. Do you ever look at this feature? Do you use it to make LT friends, or compare notes? There are three tabs- weighted, raw, and recent. "Weighted," which means "weighted by book obscurity and library size" is probably the least self-explanatory of the three, whereas "raw" and "recent" are more so. Do you get any kind of use out of this feature?

Well, since I’m something of a natural snoop, I have to admit that I have used this feature once or twice to check up on LTers who have some of the same books I do. But I never really noticed the three different tabs (yes, I am an idiot).

And I’ve never used the feature to make friends with anyone. Actually, I only have one friend at LibraryThing – author Hannah Holborn – and that’s only because she contacted me. I’m really too timid to do a lot of “friending” (and I’ll fight anybody who says I’m not). I did send out a friend request to my cousin, who also has a LT account, but I’ve never heard back from her (Cuzzie! Check your LT profile right this minute!). Now if you can’t get your own cousin to be your friend, I guess there’s not much hope.


  1. I recently joined LT, and I've never looked at any of this stuff. I'm only interested in getting books free. : )

  2. I've noticed the tabs and didn't understand them - still don't apart from "recent".

  3. I'll friend you - what's your LT name?

  4. I found you and added you.

  5. I am so sorry!! I am going to LT right now! I didn't get any sort of an email notice about it or anything -- was I supposed to? I'll fix it!!!

  6. Smilingsal--
    Me, too. Well, actually I joined just for the cataloguing, but once I discovered the free books, I was hooked for life.

    Yes, I guess I’m just not very observant. And I’m still not sure exactly what the difference is between “raw” and “weighted.”

    Thanks for the friend invite – you’re very sweet! Well, a Bermuda onion should be sweet, right?

    Hi, Cuzzie! Sorry – it was really my fault. I should have let you know I was “friending” you. I shouldn’t have said I’m too timid to do friending – the real problem is that I’m just a complete klutz at it. But thanks for being my friend anyway.

  7. I don't think I've ever used this feature to make friends either :)

  8. I don't do a lot of friending either. I tend to wait for others to friend me :-/

  9. I haven't friended anyone on LT either, I blame it on my shyness lol.

  10. It is interesting to look at other members' libraries (when they're similar to yours), but I haven't used the feature to "friend" anyone either; not my thing, I guess (I'm glad your cousin responded, that could make for an awkward family reunion :) )


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