Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Reading Miss Read

This is not an official challenge – at least for now. My cousin MLB is starting a "personal challenge" to read the "Miss Read" books. You can find her post about the books here.

I read the first three books in the Fairacre series several years ago, and always thought I'd continue with the others, but somehow just never got back to them. I think I've got several more stored around here somewhere, in one of these massive "to be read" piles, so I just might dig one out and give it a try. It should be fun – there are no rules and no schedule to follow. As Cuzzie says:

I am going to challenge myself to begin the Miss Read books and see how far I go. If anyone would care to join me just let me know. There are no rules – rules aren't fun – just choose a book and have a go.

So if you want to join in, just let her know at Boyett-Brinkley.

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