Thursday, April 22, 2010

Booking Through Thursday: Earth Day

This week Booking Through Thursday is all about Earth Day:
It’s Earth Day … what are you reading? Are your reading habits changing for the sake of the environment? What are you doing for the sake of the planet today?

It is, indeed, Earth Day today. Who would have thought, back in those ancient days of 1970, that the "hippie holiday" would turn into such a mainstream event and hang around for so long? Certainly not me. But then, I never expected bell-bottom pants to come back, either.

So. What am I reading? Well, nothing Earth Day related. Although one of my current reads does have a title that sounds like it could have an ecological theme. But somehow, I don't believe The Forgotten Garden (by Kate Morton) has anything to do with saving the planet. The other book I've got going at the moment is an ARC of Live To Tell, by Lisa Gardner; and the only earthy thing about it is the language of its chief protagonist, Detective D.D. Warren.

I don't think my feelings about the environment really have much influence on my reading habits. I have acquired an iPad recently, so I suppose I'll probably be reading more e-books which some think might save a few trees. However, that's a controversial subject that I don't want to get into right now (I know others disagree about the environmental impact of all these electronic devices).

And as for what I'm doing for the planet today – well, not much, I guess. Oh, I know – I'm using my new Brita water filtering pitcher which has cut way down on the amount of plastic water bottles we've used lately. But I'm not planting any trees or anything. In fact, given the horrendous pollen count we've got around here right now, I probably won't even be going outside!


  1. I am not reading any Earth Day oriented books either. :)

  2. I alway enjoy reading your BTT posts :>)

  3. I do little bits but I can't say that I have anything special planned today other than a good dose of Claritin and Mucinex because mother nature is in full force :)

  4. Happy Earth Day!

  5. I'm stuck in doors with a sick child so no planting trees for me either. My BTT is here.

  6. Great post! It's probably better to do little things everyday anyway then one big thing today!


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