Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Teaser Tuesday: Cat on the Scent

This week my teaser lines come from Cat on the Scent, one of the Mrs. Murphy mystery series written by Rita Mae Brown (and co-authored by her pet cat Sneaky Pie Brown). In this snippet from page 121 of the paperback edition, Mrs. Murphy the pet tiger-striped cat belonging to Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen is talking with her friend Pewter (also a cat). The two are watching their human and, as usual, trying to figure out why she's doing what she's doing:
"How often do humans climb trees?" Pewter watched Harry swing her legs as she sat on the low, wide branch.
"Not very often. As they get older they don't do it at all, I think," Mrs. Murphy answered. "You see so much more from up here. You'd think they'd want to keep doing it."
"No claws. Must be hard for them." Pewter kept her claws dangerously sharp.
"Everything's hard for them. That's why all their religions are full of fear. You know, hellfire and damnation, that sort of thing."
Well, they're sort of right about that, aren't they?  Actually, I have a hard time understanding humans, myself.

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  1. Oh, sounds like a cute read :)


  2. I guess if cats could talk.... LOL

  3. I guess sometimes we do seem pretty weird to our furry friends. Cute teaser today.


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