Thursday, January 17, 2013

Booking Through Thursday: Winter

This week, BTT asks about seasonal reading: "It’s the depth of winter here where I live right now … what books do you like to read when it’s snowy and white? What books do you read to evoke a real feeling of winter (good or bad)?"

Well, it's winter where I live right now, too.  Fortunately, though, here in Central Texas winter doesn't involve all those depths that other parts of the world suffer through. (Soooo glad to be done with all those depths!)

But whatever the weather, I really don't think my reading habits are much affected by seasons of the year.  I read pretty much the same sorts of thing year-round.  With the possible exception of those summer "beach reads," mostly I stick to the same genres and types of books, whether it's cold, warm, rainy or dry outside.  And I would never, never try to evoke a feeling of winter "(good or bad)" through my reading because....

I HATE WINTER!!!!!!!!!


  1. LOL. I love winter, but I know what you mean :)

  2. I couldn't agree more! Thinking we should buy a "winter" home in S. Texas to escape the winters of N. Texas.

  3. Snow and several degrees below zero degrees centigrade here in the Netherlands at the moment, but I hope for you there is less winter where you live!

    kind regards,

  4. I don't think I'm a seasonal reader either.

  5. Hi Joy,

    I just read the next book in my TBR pile. Why should cold affect reading material?

    BTW: I hate winter too!


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