Thursday, July 29, 2010

Booking Through Thursday: Beach Buddies

OK. First things, first. I just want to say this is so unexpected (oops! sorry – that's my Academy Awards speech). I want to say thanks to Deb for using one of my suggestions for a BTT topic. It's sort of a good news/bad news thing, though, because now I have to come up with an answer!

And after a bit of thought, I've decided I'd like to spend my day at the beach with Mary Poppins. She does, after all, come equipped with her own umbrella for keeping the sun off – and since it's a magic umbrella, I'm sure it would expand to whatever size is necessary. Probably has special UV protection built in, as well. And, as Mary is able to float around using the umbrella, we could even use it as transport to find that absolutely perfect spot, away from all the hoi polloi and noise.

Then there's that magic carpetbag, too – perfect for carrying all the paraphernalia I usually schlep with me when I'm spending a day on the sand. Towels, sunscreen, beach blankets, reading matter, even hot dogs, diet soda, iced cappuccino – they could all conveniently materialize right out of that wondrous bag.

And finally, Mary is a Nanny, and a very special Nanny, after all. She'd be the perfect person to have around to apply sunscreen, help with sandcastle building and kite flying, serve refreshments, and keep stray children at bay. She could even read me a story. And wonderful adventures happen whenever she floats into view.

Oh, and maybe we'd finally get her out of those white gloves and flannel nighties. Mary Poppins in a bikini? Now who wouldn't want to get a look at that?


  1. We like you, we really like you (oops, sorry that's Sally Fields Academy Awards speech) Lol, Joy, you are so funny! I love your answer. I never would have thought of Mary Poppins.

  2. Oh, good choice. I had a laugh at this because for a moment I thought of choosing Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter books, because of the magic handbag she has in the last book. (And since, of course, we could talk about books all day.)

    I went with another choice though. You'll find it here

  3. I love this answer! My dad brought me a Mary Poppins book from England when I was a little girl, and I still have (and treasure!) it.
    The only thing is that she might not let us do the stuff we're not supposed to do...

  4. Now that is a good choice! And yes it would be fun to see Mary in a swimsuit. Funny post today, I loved it.

  5. Yes, Mary is well prepared. I'd not thought of that. I went for the people that might prepare the best lunch or the ability to drive away jellyfish. LOL

  6. Mary Poppins is a great choice - she could certainly keep you entertained.

  7. This is a great answer :) I love it!


  8. LOL, great answer...very clever. I wouldn't want a nanny around when I goto the beach, I plan on raising a little hell. Here’s mine


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