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Books Read in 2012

Cumulative Reading List for 2012.

I'm setting a reading goal of 50 books for 2012. That was my goal for 2011 too, but I failed dismally. Only made it to 42, and several of those were children's books. Hoping to do much better in 2012. This will be my page for keeping track of the books as I read them.

1. Spiderweb. Penelope Lively (1998; 218 pages; fiction)
2. The Players Come Again. Amanda Cross (1990; 229 pages; fiction)
3. The Inn at Lake Devine. Elinor Lipman (1998; 255 pages; fiction)
4. The Night Strangers. Chris Bohjalian (2011; 375 pages; fiction)
5. The Shakespeare Thefts: In Search of the First Folios. Eric Rasmussen (2011; 212 pages; nonfiction)
6. Liberty. Garrison Keillor (2008; 267 pages; fiction)

7. A Fall of Moondust. Arthur C. Clarke (1961; 206 pages; fiction)
8. Murder in Mount Holly. Paul Theroux (1969; 148 pages; fiction)
9. A Month in the Country. J.L. Carr (1980; 135 pages; fiction)
10. The Horned Man. James Lasdun (2002; 193 pages; fiction)

MARCH 2012
11. Republic of Words: The Atlantic Monthly and Its Writers, 1857-1925. Susan Goodman (2011; 330 pages; nonfiction)
12. The Solitary House. Lynn Shepherd (2012; 340 pages ARC; fiction)
13. The Other Side of the Fire. Alice Thomas Ellis (1984; 156 pages; fiction)
14. Seven-Day Magic. Edward Eager (1962; 190 pages; fiction)
15. The Dovekeepers. Alice Hoffman (2011; 500 pages; fiction)

APRIL 2012
16. Tyrannosaur Canyon. Douglas Preston (2005; 398 pages; fiction)
17. A Man Lay Dead (An Inspector Alleyn Mystery). Ngaio Marsh (1934; 224 pages; fiction)
18. The Mysterious Key and What It Opened. Louisa May Alcott (1867; 109 pages; fiction)
19. Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale. Lynda Rutledge (2012; 292 pages ARC; fiction)

MAY 2012
Didn't read anything in May! That was "moving month" around here.

JUNE 2012
20. Artists in Crime (An Inspector Alleyn Mystery). Ngaio Marsh (1938; 288 pages; fiction)
21. Night Watch. Linda Fairstein (2012; 404 pages ARC; fiction)
22. The Key (A Miss Silver Mystery). Patricia Wentworth (1944; e-book; fiction)

JULY 2012
23. The Warden. Anthony Trollope (1855; e-book; fiction)
24. Right Ho, Jeeves. P.G. Wodehouse (1934; 228 pages, e-book; fiction)
25. Dead Man's Folly. Agatha Christie (1956; e-book; fiction)
26. Skios. Michael Frayn (2012; 257 pages ARC; fiction)

27. The House at Riverton. Kate Morton (2006; 472 pages; fiction)
28. Elephants Can Remember. Agatha Christie (1972; 224 pages, e-book; fiction)
29. My Man Jeeves. P.G. Wodehouse (1919; 185 pages, e-book; fiction)

30. The Little Stranger. Sarah Waters (2009; 463 pages, e-book; fiction)
31. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Stieg Larsson (2005; 465 pages, e-book; fiction)
32. Mrs. Malory and No Cure for Death. Hazel Holt (2005; 256 pages; fiction)

33. Lost Boy Lost Girl. Peter Straub (2003; e-book; fiction)

34. The Bartender's Tale. Ivan Doig (2012; 400 pages; fiction)
35. The Nursing Home Murder (An Inspector Alleyn mystery). Ngaio Marsh (1935; Kindle edition; fiction)

Another month with no books finished. Tsk, tsk.

"ON HOLD" (started but not finished in 2012):
The Children's Book. A.S. Byatt
Buddenbrooks. Thomas Mann
If on a winter's night a traveler. Italo Calvino

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  1. I enjoy reading your yearly lists. Would you consider including a 1-5 rating? My reading friend and I have decided to give each other a list of our yearly reads and highlight the ones we recommend. We talk while we are reading but often don't just want to stop and start something and then we forgot.


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