Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Finds: 24 July 2009

Wow, it's already the 24th! Can you believe that? Only one more week to go and the month of July will be outta here. I think this summer is traveling along faster than any other I remember - and I remember quite a few!

OK, enough of that.

Just a couple of new finds this week. Well, actually I discovered The Atlantis Revelation by Thomas Greanias earlier this spring - it was one of the three books I requested in Atria Books' "Galley Grab" back in May. Just got my copy a few days ago and put it at the top of my TBR list - it's due for general release in August. And I believe I first read about Mackenzie Ford's Gifts of War in a BookBrowse newsletter; it was published last month. Ordinarily, I'm not interested in books that center around wars, but this one sounds like it might have more to offer than violence and mayhem.

But I'm afraid all my recent discoveries will have to wait a while. For the moment, I'm immersed in Katherine Neville's The Fire. I received it quite unexpectedly last November (I believe that's right) as a bonus Early Reviewer book from Library Thing, and (also quite unexpectedly) immediately forgot all about it. Well, we were traveling and there were the holidays coming up and things just got really hectic - OK, I have no real excuse. Just poor mental wiring, I suppose. Anyway, I need to get that one read and reviewed ASAP to keep myself in LT's good graces. Wouldn't want to anger the algorithmic gods, now would we?

Friday Finds is a weekly event hosted by mizb17 at Should Be Reading. Participants are asked to share with other bloggers about the new-to-you books found during the week - books you either want to add to your TBR list, or that you just heard about that sound interesting.


  1. Both of these books sound great, have a wonderful weekend.

  2. So you already received your Atria Galley Grab books - I'm hoping mine will be here soon, then.

  3. I can't wait to read Gifts of War- it looks great and there are so few novels about WW1. :-) I look forward to your review!

  4. Gifts of War is one I've seen before and I'm intrigued.

    I'm also hoping my Atria Galley Grab books make it here soon (like before I go on vacation in two weeks!).

  5. these really do look good. I really would like to read The Atlantis Revelation, can't wait to hear about it.

  6. First things first: nice finds. I'll probably read Gifts of War at some point.

    You are making me laugh today! First with your Sandy Dennis comment on Michael's post - funny because I was thinking the exact same thing! Although, the toughest SD movie for me was The Out-Of-Towners.
    And second with your LTER comment here. I hear they come for you in your sleep if you don't review in a timely manner! Watch your step, lady! :D

  7. Would you believe that I still have not received a single book from LT to review?

  8. Oh no! I got that same out-of-the-blue Fire book too! And it did not look like my cup of tea, so I gave it to some friend or family member (I don't even remember who). Now LT is nagging me and it is on my guilt list, but I don’t even have it to read even if I wanted to.

    I really came by to tell you that I linked to your wonderful blog a couple of times in my Sunshine Smackdown update post today. Thanks for participating!


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