Thursday, July 23, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Preferences

This week's Booking Through Thursday topic is "Preferences" and asks participants to give quick answers to a series of either/or questions ("Which do you prefer? Quick answers–we’ll do more detail at some later date").

OK, first of all – I prefer not to give quick answers to anything. I probably wouldn't do at all well on a polygraph test – they'd have me locked up in about a minute! And some of these questions aren't really the kind of thing that can be answered quickly – well anyway, not by me. So I'll play along, but only by my own rules.

Reading something frivolous? Or something serious?
Sometimes one, sometimes the other.

Paperbacks? Or hardcovers?
Hardcovers unless I'm having to tote the book around with me.

Fiction? Or Nonfiction?
Both, although these days I read more fiction than non-.

Poetry? Or Prose?
Prose. I used to edit a poetry journal and it sort of dulled my appetite for verse. I'll recover someday.

Biographies? Or Autobiographies?
They each have their charm. Autobiographies are usually fun, but not always reliable in the areas of truth and candor.

History? Or Historical Fiction?
History. I've read more historical fiction lately, but in general I'm not a huge fan.

Series? Or Stand-alones?

Classics? Or best-sellers?
Both, although these days I read more current lit, I do try to read at least a couple of "classics" every year.

Lurid, fruity prose? Or straight-forward, basic prose?
Again – each has its appeal and place. Although I'm really of the opinion that writing can be better than basic without being lurid or "fruity."

Plots? Or Stream-of-Consciousness?
Plots. I love a good story. Guess that's why I'm attracted to whodunits.

Long books? Or Short?
Doesn't matter that much if it's a good read.

Illustrated? Or Non-illustrated?
I would love it if all books were illustrated. Although maybe not so much that they become graphic novels. But I think a few illustrations are a nice addition to any book. Guess I've just never gotten over my childhood love of picture books.

Borrowed? Or Owned?
Owned, but I'm a big fan of public libraries, too.

New? Or Used?
Love being the first person to crack open a shiny, new just-off-the-press volume. Also love the idea of reading a book that's been discovered and enjoyed by other readers before me. Love browsing all kinds of bookstores – online or brick-and-mortar. Just love getting my hands on all kinds of books – new, old, used, or freshly minted!

So, was that quick enough fer ya? Yes or no?


  1. As usual you've done a good job answering the prompt.

  2. It was hard to jsut leave a short answer also :)The Burton Review

  3. Great response. I agree. . .cracking open a brand-new book is delightful.

  4. Nicely said. I went with the one-word answers. I love a brand-new book too.

  5. short answers.
    so hard.
    for me.

  6. That's why I prefer paperbacks. I'm always carrying them around with me.

  7. It was really hard to decide between the choices given.

  8. I prefer a plot-driven novel that slowly unfolds in fruity and lush prose, with multiple layers and allusion that indulge my mind long after I turn the last page like the lingering aftertaste of a good glass of wine.

  9. Giving quick answers was so hard to do!

  10. I'm with you - if it's a book, I want it - although being the one to break it open is a charge.


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