Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Finds: 10 July 2009

Here are my finds for this week. Actually, for the last couple of weeks – didn't post any finds last Friday, since the hubby and I were away for the weekend. I first read about Heroic Measures in a recent New York Times Book Review. I'm not sure exactly where I discovered the other three, although I'm thinking Shelf Awareness is a good bet for The Rapture and possibly for the others as well.
I believe they're all "out," except for The Rapture which is scheduled to be released in early August.

Friday Finds is a weekly event hosted by mizb17 at Should Be Reading. Participants are asked to share with other bloggers about the new-to-you books found during the week – books you either want to add to your TBR (to be read) list, or that you just heard about that sounded interesting.


  1. They all look good, especially The Fate of Katherine Carr and Heroic Measures.

  2. Great covers! I'm intrigued by the cover with the dog on it, and the Name to a Face cover with the ship in the background makes me want to pick it up.

  3. I'm intrigued by The Fate of Katherine Carr. I love to read a good mystery and this one just might do the trick!

  4. Great finds. I've been hearing about The Rapture a bit. I'd like to read that one.

  5. Great looking books! I read so many blogs, I'm having a hard time reading books! Thanks for your kind comments, Cindy

  6. The Fate of Katherine Carr sounds awesome -- great find!


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