Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weekly Geeks #7: Photo Week

I'm a born collector. Actually, there are those who would say "pack rat" is a more descriptive term for my mania. But be that as it may, whenever I'm interested in something, I tend to accumulate enormous quantities of whatever it is.

So when Dewey at The Hidden Side of a Leaf announced that this week's Weekly Geeks subject would be photos (preferably with a book connection), I thought it might be nice to let some of one of my collections browse part of another. So here are a few photos of some of my dolls with some of my books.

As you can see, the dolls do seem to like hanging around the bookshelves.

These Storybook Dolls felt right at home.

A few Ginnys and Jills were thrilled to find some books all about them! Jeff was just there for the dancin'.

There's nothing like relaxing under a tropical palm with a few good beach reads.

Hannah and Udo take a break from reading about Alice's adventures in Wonderland.

I suppose it's natural that a bookish person would collect bookish dolls – mine love to read.

Some other interesting Geeks to check out this week:

SmallWorld Reads has a really nice collage of photos – wonderful book-loving family.

Debra at Reading Animals has photos of three "themed" book stacks, adorned by cute critters.

Bride of the Book God and Book Club Care have photos of some really inviting places to sit with a book.


  1. Ah! Great post. Very creative.

    Hey, do you want my old dolls? I tried to get a friend of mine to put them on ebay for me but she decided that she really didn't want to mess with them... I only have a few but some are possibly, maybe, who knows! worth a dollar or two...

  2. I love the last photo...classic.

  3. Very clever and creative post! Glad you included the Bumper Book -- wouldn't be right without it!

  4. and THANKS for the link-love.

  5. bkclubcare--
    You should definitely try ebay! It's amazing what prices some dolls will bring these days. But if they're from your childhood, maybe you should really hold on to them a while longer.

    Thanks. Yes, those two are very pose-able and love having their pictures taken!

    Well, of course! But I had to handle it very carefully because, as you know, it's almost as old as I am and therefore mostly falling apart.


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