Thursday, June 05, 2008

Booking Through Thursday: Trends

This week's BTT topic:
Have your book-tastes changed over the years? More fiction? Less? Books that are darker and more serious? Lighter and more frivolous? Challenging? Easy? How-to books over novels? Mysteries over Romance?

My first reaction was to say yes, indeed – my taste in reading matter changes all the time. But on further reflection, I think that's not exactly the truth. I don't think my basic tastes have changed all that much. But my situation has.

I've always enjoyed reading across a wide variety of subjects and fields. But these days, since I don't have to read anything for a job or a class, I'm free to read exactly as I please. And when I was younger, I think I was more concerned with reading all those books that always wind up on everyone's list of "necessary" or "absolute must" reads. You know – Six Thousand and Forty-two Books You Should Read Before You Turn Ninety.

These days I'm less concerned with that sort of thing. I know there's plenty of wonderful literature out there that I'll never get around to reading. But that doesn't bother me as much as it once did. In fact, it doesn't really bother me at all. I make my own lists of must-reads.

Hmmmm. It seems like we've had the "do you read how-to books" question before. I'm not a person who would read "how-to" or instructional literature for the fun of it. But I do like looking at books on needlework – I suppose that would qualify.

And as for other subject matter – well, I think I've always read more fiction than nonfiction. Some dark, some lighter – I usually prefer a mix. I love books that have humor in them, but I don't shy away from more serious works, as long as they sound like something I'd enjoy. I love mysteries and thrillers, and usually have at least one who-dunnit going, in addition to whatever else I'm reading. I guess Nancy Drew got to me at an impressionable age.

At one time, I read a lot of science fiction; but haven't read quite so much in the last few years. But I still like sci-fi, and I've gotten back into it recently. And there was a time, back in the 1980s and 90s when I read a lot of poetry because I was editing a poetry journal. But since the journal folded, I really haven't read much poetry at all. Again, it's still something I enjoy; I've just been neglecting it for some reason.

I don't read much romance fiction these days – although as a teenager, I was addicted to Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart. And I'm not a fan of what's now called "Chick Lit." Or at least, I don't think I am – I've never really read any because the descriptions and reviews never make it sound like anything I'd be interested in. Maybe I'm just too old for it, or maybe it's just too young for me.


  1. Interesting question, isn't it? I enjoyed reading your thoughts. And I like the idea of books being too young for me, rather than me being too old for them! :-)

  2. I don't know - I'm 22 and don't enjoy chick lit, but my mom really loves it. She is a lot more "girly" than I am in general though, which might explain that. I like this question, the responses are so interesting!

  3. I remember being addicted to Mills and Boons for some months. I deliberately got myself out by reading Robert Ludlums. I loved his books. Still do!

  4. BTW, youreally do not need word verification with comment moderation. It truly puts off visitors from commenting. ESpecially new ones.Believe me!

  5. Sometimes I think I "should" read a particular book, but then again I don't because I don't have to and I read what I like, which covers a wide range of genres. Every now and then I read Chick-Lit, if authors like Sophie Kinsella and Maeve Binchy can be called that - books that you can read quickly without too much thought, anyway.

  6. writer2b--
    Yes, I thought it was very interesting, too. But sometimes I get the feeling that I'm too old for just about everything that's being published these days!

    I think my mom would have liked chick lit, too - she loved romance novels in general. You're right about age not necessarily being a factor, though.

    gautami tripathy--
    I like Ludlum, too - I went through a period when I read all his books, one right after another.

    And now that you point it out, I realize all that blog protection probably is really annoying. I do tend to be overly sensitive when it comes to putting myself out there on the internet. I should stop being so paranoid. Thanks for the comment.

    Hmmm. Yes, if you include Maeve Binchy in the chick lit group, I guess I have read a bit of it - and enjoyed it!

    Thanks, all, for dropping by. BTW, I had never heard of Mills and Boon until today - several people have mentioned them.

  7. I really like your answer....I think we came to the same conclusion! read what you want, and don't worry about the rest.

    have a happy Thursday!~

  8. My 'should read' list keeps expanding.

  9. Nancy Drew, now there's a blast from the past. I loved her.

    Chick lit has to hit me at the right time, and it can't be about weddings. For some reason, weddings in chick lit turn me off.

  10. I love star trek too! Have you read any star wars novels. I think they have better plots. Lots of interwovenness.

  11. bethany--
    Thanks. Yes, I think that's the best advice!

    Mine, too! Thanks for stopping by.

    Yes! Weddings and all that shopping – I like to do my own shopping, but I don't really like reading about it.

    Haven't read any yet - but I loved the movies, so I guess I should check the books out, too.

  12. Interesting post. I'm Late this week but the topic prompted a reflective account on the issues


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