Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wrap-Up: The Eponymous Reading Challenge

The Eponymous Reading Challenge, which began back in March and has been hosted by Coversgirl at Between the Covers, ends today. The participants were supposed to read four books "whose titles are the name of one or more of the characters . . . or a description of one or more of the characters."

This is the second reading challenge I've finished this year, and I really enjoyed it. Over the course of the challenge, I changed my book choices a couple of times, and ended up going with one of my alternate titles and one completely new book that wasn't on my original list at all.

This is what I read (linked to the reviews):

Chatterton, by Peter Ackroyd
Emma, by Jane Austen
The Lace Reader, by Brunonia Barry
Mrs. Malory and Death by Water, by Hazel Holt

And here's a link to my original post about the challenge.

Just want to say thanks to Coversgirl for doing the hosting. Any chance of a second round of the challenge? I'd be up for it.

And did everyone enjoy their reading as much as I did?

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