Monday, May 05, 2008

Random Photo Monday: Sidewalk Café

This past Saturday we had nearly perfect weather – the only thing that could have made it absolute perfection would have been a little less pollen in the air (achoo!). So M. and I took advantage of the odd situation by having lunch at a nearby Mexican food restaurant, where we were able to sit at an outdoor table and watch the world go by while we enjoyed our tamales and enchiladas.

This is not a photo of that restaurant. But since I don't have a photo of that particular restaurant, I'm putting up a shot of my favorite sidewalk café instead.

The restaurant in this photo is Casa Rio, on the river in San Antonio, Texas. I haven't eaten there in many years, although every time we're in town we go take a look at it. I have many fond memories of Casa Rio from my childhood – it's where we always ate when we went downtown to shop. Usually me, my mother, and my Aunt B. and my cousin MLB. My cousin and I would stuff ourselves with chili con queso and guacamole, and then inevitably go home with tummy aches. But only after finishing off a couple of sugary pralines for dessert. Ah, happy days!


  1. You know, when you get back to TX, we really need to go on a little road trip -- or meet there and have a little go at SA together. It would be very cool to go back to those places together -- only we wouldn't wait so long to eat lunch -- you sick on the chili con queso and me with the sick headache. Yes, those were the days and I would gladly endure one of those headaches to just have one day to do it again.

  2. What is it about Mexican food that makes one eat to the point of agony? I love Mexican food but it isn't my overall favorite. And yet I can eat any of my 'favorite' foods and manage to leave the restaurant feeling satisfied but not stuffed. Whenever I go to a Mexican restaurant I walk away...waddle away...feeling like I need to lay down, or be shot and put out of my misery! The stuff is oh so good and must be very deceptive as I determine every time this won't happen again and it always does.

  3. Carl--
    Yes, I have the same experience with Mexican food - I always eat myself into oblivion. Well, maybe the oblivion has something to do with the Margritas, too!


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