Monday, May 19, 2008

Random Photo Monday: Book Line-up

These are some (most, I think) of the books that have come into our place since the first of the year. I know the photo is a little blurry, but then I'm feeling a little blurry myself this morning.

The group doesn't include several Library of America editions we've received, and a few books M. bought and took to his office or filed away in his study.

Altogether about forty books, I believe. Not an unreasonable number, but way more than we should be acquiring right now. With M's retirement and a move back to Texas right around the corner, we really should be narrowing our library down - not adding to it. But books just seem to follow me home (honest they do!).


  1. They follow you home -- and they know your name! It is hereditary.

  2. Oh dear lord, I would be absolutely terrified to try that. For one thing, it would reinforce just how much I'm not keeping up with my accumulation, and for another, I might be put on a book diet by my fiance.

  3. b-b--
    True. Why couldn't I have inherited the cooking gene or the sewing gene instead?

    Yes, I'm afraid when the hubby sees the photo I may be going on the dreaded book diet myself!


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