Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Sunday Salon: Taking Stock

I'm a little late getting to the Salon this week, and I dithered a bit about whether or not even to write a post. Today hasn't been a big reading day for me – too many other things contending, what with Sunday errands and the basketball playoffs! My reading has been confined to scanning the Sunday book review supplements, and catching up on a few of the recent New Yorkers that have been piling up.

I've also been doing a little stock taking – looking at how my reading life is going this year. And I'm pleased to see that I've done quite a bit better than I did last year. By May of 2007, I had read exactly one book! And while I'm not making nearly the progress I'd like, I've now read twenty books in 2008, with another two almost finished. So that's –what? – almost a book a week. Still need to make myself sit down and write a few reviews, but I think I'm making progress. Maybe my brain isn't turning to absolute mush after all.

I did get a couple of book reviews written and posted to my blog this week. One book – The Lace Reader, by Brunonia Barry – was an Early Reviewer selection from LibraryThing. Good book – you can find my review here. The other – Practical Magic, by Alice Hoffman – was my first experience with Hoffman's works, and I've become a real fan (see my review here). I definitely want to read more of her books – I'll probably be buying the new novel she has out now, The Third Angel (although I may try to get it from the library, since I've already gone over my self-imposed limit of new books for this month).

I have about two dozen books lined up to read for the various challenges I've signed up for this year, in addition to a number of short stories. That sounds do-able, even if I don't step up my pace as much as I hope to – especially since some of those books are kiddie lit or young adult titles. On the other hand, one of those books is Cornelia Funke's Inkheart, which at something over 550 pages is likely to be a much more formidable read than, say, Winnie-the-Pooh!


  1. I have read 30+ books till date in 2008. Way behind my plan for 150 books. And I way behind reading for challenges too. Now I simply read what I want to, not botherin about challenges!

  2. 30+?! I wish. I think I have read like 10. I am really disappointed in myself. But May is going to be my best month. Goooooooo me!

  3. gautami--
    Thirty-plus books sounds great to me! I've been thinking maybe I'm too involved in reading challenges lately - but at least they're keeping me reading, which has to be good!

  4. The stock taking idea is a good one. I really need to see where I've been so far this year in order to decide where I'm going. If that makes sense. Too much has been pick it up because it's there rather than deliberate. Nice for a while but not a good long term policy.

  5. I understand the questioning of whether books scheduled for challenges are 'do-able'. I've been reviewing books for various places, plus participating in some LT theme reads, etc. I finally had to create a google calendar JUST to track what I am 'supposed' to be reading at various times.

  6. The only way I am able to increase the number of books read to a noticeable amount is by going to bed earlier. It sounds easy, but it took me a year to finally do it…lol!

    I do read during the day, but it’s a stop and start process. I get more accomplished if I go to bed earlier.

  7. I am getting Lace Reader for early revieing too, not though Library thing though. I love doing early reviews...mostly I LOVE GETTING FREE BOOKS in the mail, it is a sweet thing.

    I am at 19 books, I can't belive you are at 30+, well I guess I didn't count some...but still 30+ that is awesome!! Great job reading!

  8. Bethany--
    Yes, I agree - getting free books is sweet indeed. Especially when they turn out to be books you really enjoy (some can be stinkers)!


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