Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 Reading Challenge Wrap-Ups

Now that Christmas has come and gone, I think it's time to wrap up a few more challenges.  I'll start with two that sort of go together.
Hosted by: Introverted Reader

I signed up for this one at the "Beginner" Level (1-3 books), and actually read three books.  Never managed to get reviews posted, but I suppose that could still happen before the year ends.  What I read:
  1. Chéri. Colette (translated by Roger Senhouse)
  2. Ignorance. Milan Kundera (translated by Linda Asher)
  3. Invisible Cities. Italo Calvino (translated by William Weaver)
I enjoyed Ignorance quite a lot, but struggled with Invisible Cities and Chéri.  But I had fun with the challenge and want to thank Introverted Reader for hosting.  If a 2014 edition were offered, I'd definitely consider signing up again.

Hosted by: Rose City Reader

Signed up at the Five Star (Deluxe Entourage) Level, and should have read at least five books, but only read four.  Still, I consider that pretty successful, given my overall reading record for 2013.  Here's what I read:
  1. Cold Remains. Sally Spedding (Wales, UK)
  2. Ignorance. Milan Kundera (mostly set in Czechoslovakia)
  3. Inferno. Dan Brown (Italy)
  4. Chéri. Colette (France)
Again, not many reviews (just that one for Cold Remains).  Of the four, I suppose Ignorance was my favorite, although Inferno was fun (not the best Dan Brown book I've read, but still very entertaining).

This was a great challenge, and I'm thinking seriously of signing up for the 2014 edition.  Rose City Reader deserves a huge thank-you for hosting.

So, that's two more wrap-ups.  More to come....

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