Friday, May 28, 2010

Time Out for TV: Land of the Lost

So they were dead the whole time? Or did they die in the final episode? Or what?

I was never a fan of the series Lost. I saw the pilot episode and bits of a few others, and then just couldn't stay interested in it enough to stick with it. But I know it had a huge worldwide following, and you'd have to be marooned on a tropical island yourself, not to have noticed at least some of the hype about the final shows this month.

I'm not going anywhere with this. Just wondering.

I try not to watch too much TV, so I miss out on a lot of popular culture, I suppose. My new favorite show is Selling New York, on HGTV. I always wanted to live in the Big Apple, and if I ever did live there, one of those twenty million dollar penthouses would be just perfect. The show is the only "reality TV" I follow. Or actually, I guess it's more of an un-reality show. For one thing, I'm convinced all those agents and brokers have to be actors. They're always so beautifully put together. And nobody but a seasoned performer could deliver with such wonderful nonchalance a line like "My client's looking to spend around eight million, so of course he has to expect a very limited amount of space." It may not be reality, but it's great fun.


  1. Actually it is reality. People in New York can and will spend ridiculous amounts of money on real estate. I haven't seen 'Selling New York' but I am a fan of Lost. And being in New York you can experience some amazing things that spin off from popular culture. Like this Lost tribute band that recaps episodes in music.
    They are definitely worth the hype.

  2. I love Selling NY and Lost...both for different reasons.
    It just amazes me when people talk of spending millions...millions of dollars on an apartment in NYC. But their world in still interesting.

    And as to, they were not all dead...but most of them were by the end!

  3. I tried watching Selling NY and after 10 minutes I had to change the channel. Just couldn't do it. And as for LOST, I watched it faithfully and apparently am one of the minority who didn't think it was all that, and then some. The island was real, but the side ways stuff that started just this year was purgatory.


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