Thursday, May 27, 2010

Booking Through Thursday: Bedside

This week's BTT topic is about bedside reading: "What books do you have next to your bed right now? How about other places in the house? What are you reading?"

Well, my answer to that first question would have to be none. Our bedroom isn't really set up for reading in bed. Yes, it's a real failing on the part of our decorating scheme, but there you are. We don't have nightstands, or reading lights by the bed, or a comfy seating/reading area in the bedroom. So if I want to read at bedtime (and I always do), it has to be done in some other part of the apartment. I've recently acquired an iPad that has a Kindle app, and I'm going to try using that for bedtime reading, if I ever manage to decide on which books I want to download.

And in other rooms? The answer to that one is simple, too – we have books everywhere. In bookcases, piled on tables, hidden in cabinets and boxes, stacked on the floor. Even in the bedroom, where reading isn't easy to do, there are books. We have books in every room except the bathrooms, and that's only because our bathrooms are barely big enough to turn around in – no room for any book accumulation. If you want to read in any of our bathrooms, you have to take your book in there with you.

Aside: There's an interesting question – are you a bathroom reader? If yes, what's your preferred reading material for a bathroom session? Or maybe that's just too much info.

And I digress.

OK, last question. What am I reading? Well, at the moment, I'm reading M.J. Rose's The Hypnotist. That's been my bedtime reading for the last few days. Hoping to finish that one up tonight or tomorrow. I'm also slowly making my way through The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morton (and enjoying it – but it's a really long book and I keep getting tempted by other, shorter works). I've got several more books started, although I'm not really actively reading them at the moment (my "back burner books"). And I have several ARCs that I need to read in the next few weeks. Of those, I think Alex Kava's Damaged is probably next on my list.

So, what about you? What's your bedtime reading situation? Or are you one of those lucky types who hit the pillow and float instantly off to dreamland?


  1. I would like to read Damaged.

  2. I love reading before I nod off for the evening. It's part of my routine and I don't sleep as well without reading at least a couple of pages.

    I've got a bunch of stacks near my bed and in my bedroom.

    So many books, so little time.

  3. Unless I'm in the middle of a book that demands to go with me everywhere, my bathroom has been designated magazine reading. My best friend gave me a subscription to Smithsonian for Christmas and I find the bathroom to be a nice place to hang out and read those articles.


  4. I sometimes read in the bath, but that's the only bathroom location. I love reading in bed. It's my favorite. :) Thanks for visiting The Crowded Leaf.

  5. Damaged is my next book. Will be curious as to your review.

    Am a new follower.

    CMashLoves To Read

  6. You should try one of those little reading lights that clips onto your book- that would solve the read-in-bed problem!

  7. Those sound like some great reads. I love to read on the couch :}. Right now I'm enjoying Brett James's exciting crime thriller called, "The Deadfall Project," about a CIA agent who is fighting corruption within his own organization and stopping a band of Iranian terrorists before they do more killing. It's so good I can't put it down!

  8. Reading in bed is a major part of my winding down and letting go of the day. I don't have a convenient reading light and haven't found a clip-on that works very well for me, so I still read by flashlight. Yeah, it's just like I did too many years ago except that I don't have to huddle under the covers. Hubby keeps me stocked with batteries and fresh bulbs in exchange for me turning off the room lights when he's ready to go to sleep.

    My own response to today's BTT post can be found at

  9. A bathtub reader, definitely! There's nothing like having a bubble bath with a favourite book nearby...

    I'm currently coveting my mom's copy of the "The hypnotist" (which I bought her for her birthday in April). It looks good!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  10. I love reading in bed! It's so comfortable :)

  11. I have a bookshelf at the head of my bed, where I keep my "favorite" books. The middle in particular is devoted to poetry, philosophical essays, that sort of thing.

    I also keep a laundry basket sitting next to my bed for books I want to read and the occasional new DVD I want to watch. Right now I have..
    - A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens
    - Elizabeth the Queen, Alison Weir
    - Death in Winter, Michael Jan Friedman.


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