Thursday, December 04, 2008

Booking Through Thursday: 5 For Favorites

This week's BTT topic is favorite/least favorite authors:

1. Do you have a favorite author? / 2. Have you read everything he or she has written? / 3. Did you LIKE everything? / 4. How about a least favorite author? / 5. An author you wanted to like, but didn’t?

I guess the first three questions are pretty easy for me. Yes, I have a favorite author – Barbara Pym. Yes, I've read everything she wrote; or at least, everything that's been published. I'm assuming, like all writers, she left a stash of material that's never been released; and I keep hoping for a new posthumous publication to come along. But it's been almost thirty years since Pym died, so I suppose it's probably an empty hope.

Yes, I've liked everything I've read.

After Dear Barbara, my favorite author would probably be Anthony Powell. And I've read almost everything he wrote. I think there might be one novel (or possibly two) I haven't gotten to yet, and I believe they've published his journals now. Haven't read those. He was a little more prolific than Pym, so there's more to tackle. And I've liked everything I've read by Powell, as well.

As for authors I don't like – yeah, I'm sure I've got quite a few. But I don't think I could single out any one least favorite. Among present-day writers, there are some really awful examples out there – so narrowing it down that much would be difficult. And authors I've wanted to like, but didn't? Again, lots of candidates: James Joyce and William Faulkner prominent among them.

Hmmmm. It seems both my top favorite writers are Brits (oops, sorry – English). You'd think I could find a fellow American to list, now wouldn't you?


  1. Great answer! Mine was pretty short.

  2. Barbara Pym -- one of my all-time favorites. I devoured her books when I was a young grad student.

    And I love Anthony Powell too. Great choices!!!

    I'm not sure why Faulkner keeps showing up on the don't-like lists.

  3. Faulkner is on my least favorite list too; I think it's because he wrote to confuse. That's just not nice! lol

  4. Picking a least favorite author would be difficult because I don't continue to read the work of an author I don't enjoy.

  5. My reading tastes seem to be skewed across the pond, too. Even in college, I took almost all my classes in Brit Lit. I'm determined to take an American Lit class before I finish grad school, but of course, my comprehensive tests at the end of it will be the same old thing. It's weird, and I can't really explain it.

  6. Not a fan of Joyce here, either, but I did want to like him too. Just can't get through his work.

  7. Since I adore Barbara Pym, I'll have to read Anthony Powell! Thanks for the recommendation :)

  8. It was hard for me to pick a favorite as it changes thru time. I did name the author I care for the least. But since she doesn't read my blog, I think it'll be ok. :) I've never read Barbara Pym. I'm curious about her now. Thanks for sharing about her.

  9. Anthony Powell who wrote A Dance to the Music of Time? That's a lot of reading which I would like to read sometime. :)

  10. I must say I've never heard of those two authors although I don't know lots of British authors (or American or Canadian for that matter.) Thanks for visiting my BTT.

  11. Barbara Pym! I can't believe how many people love her. I remember when her books were re-released, and how I devoured them.
    Great answers!


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