Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Challenged Again

Well, after much mulling over, and hemming and hawing, and telling myself it's time to face reality and stop this madness – I'm just gonna break down and do it, already! Yes, folks, I'm signing up for three more reading challenges.

No, but see – here's the deal. These three should be pieces of cake because they allow crossovers with other challenges, and they don't require the reading of huge masses of books; and yet they all three allow me to read more of the kinds of literature I really like to read, and/or nudge me into reading books I would not have looked at otherwise (she said to herself, with a rationalizing and slightly hysterical giggle).

This will bring my total to fifteen challenges, counting my personal "Reading the '90s" challenge. Now while that may seem like a lot (no, no – not at all – it sounds like a perfectly reasonable number), I know there are those of you who are signed up for thirty or more (oh, yes – you know who you are) which makes my fifteen look like a pitiful showing.

So I'll be taking on The Romance Reading Challenge 2009, The Victorian Challenge, and the 2009 Mystery Reader Cafe Reading Challenge. I'll do separate posts about each of them as soon as I get my book lists together. Now you guys have just got to stop coming up with these enticing new challenges! And I really, really mean that!

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  1. Haha! I haven't yet signed up for the challenges I will be doing in 2009. I need to do that in the morning. Good luck on all of your challenges! Some of them really are irresistible.


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