Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Thingers: Familiarity

This week Wendi of Wendi's Book Corner is taking over the TuesdayThingers reins (thanks, Wendi!), and wants to know how familiar we are with the various areas of LibraryThing:

What area [of LT] are you most familiar with? What area is your favorite? What area are you curious about? Are there any that you have not really looked at?

Well, I suppose my favorite area would have to be the Your Library part of LT. After all, that's why I joined up in the first place – to catalogue my library and keep track of my book-buying. I'm still in the process of adding all the books we have in storage, so I'm still using the Your Library, Add Books, and Tags areas fairly often.

And I think the area I use most often is my Profile page. That's generally the page I look at first when I come to LT. I have a link to it on my blog. My Profile page has links to my favorite groups and my reviews, so I've found it a handy way of navigating around LT. I usually check the Home page once in a while, too, but I've never really thought it had much of anything very useful on it.

There are a few Groups that I check out from time to time (Early Reviewers, Bloggers, and 50 Book Challenge among them), but lately I haven't really been "hanging out" with any of them. In the past, I've found the ARC Junkies group to be a great source of info on available ARCs. But since I've started cutting back on the number of advanced copies I request or accept, I haven't been keeping up with the discussions there.

As for areas I'm not familiar with – well, I'm sure there are lots of those, and I'm curious about all of them. Tuesday Thingers has introduced me to many LT features I knew nothing about – that's one of the reasons I keep coming back.


  1. I love the groups section! I need to learn how to use the tag section better (I think I've tagged one book!).

    I think I'm coming up with a few great topics! Did you know that there are links across the bottom of LT too?

    Thanks for participating in Thingers this week Joy!

    Happy New Year!


  2. I used to scour ARC Junkies for leads, but like you, I've had to scale back some.

  3. My activity in Groups has fallen off ... mostly because I have to limit my requests for ARCs and ARC Junkies can be a goldmine (I don't want to be tempted!)

  4. I haven't really explored Library Thing very much. Guess I'll have to add that to my "to do" list!!


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