Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tuesday Thingers: Me and My Memes

This week, Boston Bibliophile has questions about memes for the Tuesday Thingers group:

. . . what other weekly memes or round robins do you participate in? Is this the only one? Why Tuesday Thingers and not some other weekly Tuesday meme? Or do you do more than one?

I think Tuesday Thingers and Booking Through Thursday are the only memes I definitely try to participate in on a regular basis. I'm a member over at Sunday Salon, too, and try to post every week – but Sundays can get pretty busy around here, so I actually end up checking in about every two weeks.

I like those three memes because they're like little weekly writing assignments, and allow for some rumination. They're a little unusual, generally not just quick-answer variety. And, of course, they're more literary than some of the other memes out there.

Among those countless others, I usually (but not always) do the Friday Fill-Ins (on Fridays, of course) and Unconscious Mutterings (on Saturdays/Sundays) if I have the time. They don't take a lot of brain work, and they give me a chance to indulge my slightly warped sense of humor. I keep those two on my other blog (Joysweb) since they're not strictly book-oriented. (Examples of my Fill-Ins and Mutterings.) And although it's not really a meme, I also have Random Photo Monday just about every week on Joysweb.

So I'm not actually spending every day of the week meme-ing, but close to it.


  1. Thats a lot of memes. I take the weekends off.


  2. oops that was me Joy.

  3. That is a lot of memes ... I think if I did too many, my rebellious side would grow to hate blogging, LOL! I like to have some days off. I always love reading other people's memes, though, I tend to find them pretty interesting.

  4. Thanks for visiting, Joy! I hope you do give *The Week Ahead* a try. I've seen you over on LT, but somehow you missed my Reader, you're there now!

  5. I love your photos every Monday. You are a great photographer and Mondays need a little more beauty in them. I've tried to start doing things on my own before - like writing about unsung characters, but I never got past Auntie Em. :) Maybe I should pick that up again.

  6. Wow that's a lot :) And I like that you think of them as weekly writing assignments.


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