Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Sunday Salon: We Interrupt Your Regular Reading Schedule...

Just a brief post today. Sunday has barely gotten started, but I know if I wait till later in the day, I’ll never get anything written. Just like last week. For me, the Sunday Salon seems to be a fortnightly event.

Due to circumstances beyond my control (hint: Beijing 2008), I haven’t been able to do quite as much reading this week as usual. And I don’t expect today to be any different: There’s more gymnastics and the women’s diving among many other events (like the women’s beach volleyball which seems to be my husband’s favorite, for some unfathomable reason). Of course, Michael Phelps has been incredible, but what about Usain Bolt? Amazing! Does he even touch the ground when he runs?

So any reading I’m able to get done will most likely be: A) the Sunday papers and book reviews; and B) Lee Siegel’s Love and the Incredibly Old Man, which is the book I received in the last Early Reviewers batch at Library Thing.

It’s a novel about a professor and novelist named Lee Siegel (let's all give a big postmodern wink) who agrees to ghost write the memoirs of a man claiming to be Juan Ponce de León. Yes – that Ponce de León: the Spanish conquistador who explored Florida and, legend has it, went in search of the Fountain of Youth. I’m not sure what I think of the book yet, but it seems to be taking me much longer to get through than it really should – probably not a good sign.

But I’m eager to get that one read and reviewed because our annual beach week is looming in the very near future, and I have other more “beachy” books to take along. So Juan Ponce is gonna have to stop sucking on those cigars and swilling down that rum punch, and get some serious story-telling done today.

Adding this a little later in the day. There’s an interesting guest essay by Chris Bohjalian in today’s Washington Post Book World. All about his take on web reviewers and how they affect his delicate writer’s ego. So sad. My reaction is here.

For more of today’s Sunday Salon offerings or to find out how to participate, go here.


  1. My reading has been affected by the Olympics as well. I told myself I wouldn't let that happen, but it did just the same.

    I thought your take on Bohjalian's article was interesting. I read a completely different view last night on another blog from a blogger who definitely saw more humor in the article than you did. I wish I could remember where that was. I haven't yet read the Post's article myself. I should probably do that so that I can form my own opinion.

    I do like Bohjalian's writing, at least the one book I've read by him so far and I've got a couple more of his books on my TBR shelves I want to read.

  2. literary feline--
    Yes, I keep trying to drag myself away from the tube, but my will power has just disappeared this week.

    Well, I think Bohjalian was trying for humor. It just fell a little flat for me.

  3. I think that there are a lot of us with Olympic-itis this week. The good news is that it runs its course in two weeks. We'll all be back on schedule soon. :)

  4. literatehousewife--
    I sure hope so. I feel really bad about neglecting my reading, but just can't seem to tear myself away from those darn games!


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