Friday, February 01, 2008

The View From My Window

Actually, it's the view from our balcony. First of February. Rainy and cold. Bleak, bleak, bleak.

Of course, if the sun were shining, the view would be lovely.

February is my least favorite month of the year. Nothing good ever came of it. OK - my apologies to George and Abe and Thomas Edison. From my personal viewpoint, only two good things have ever happened in February – my grandmother and my cousin MLB were both born in February.

But mostly, the month is just something to be dreaded and gotten through as painlessly as possible. Fortunately, it's short; although this year it's a whole day longer because of leap year.

On the other hand, Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays – it doesn't really fit with the depressing tone of the rest of the month. It's one of my favorites because it doesn't involve my hanging out in the kitchen all day, cooking huge inedible meals. My other favorite holiday is Halloween – for much the same reason. That and the fact that I've always loved dressing up in costumes.

Oh, well, today's a good day for staying indoors and curling up with a good book (or a good blog). And I certainly have a lot of good books stacked up around the place. I guess that's one nice thing about February – the weather usually keeps me from feeling guilty about not being out and about. Maybe we should make February "Stay Indoors and Read" Month. I'd vote for that.

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