Sunday, December 07, 2014

Challenge Wrap-Up: 2014 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge

The 2014 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge was hosted by Yvonne @ Socrates' Book Reviews. It runs through this month, but I'm pretty sure I won't be finishing any series before January, so I'm wrapping it up now.

I have a bunch of series going (mostly mystery series), and at the beginning of 2014 I wasn't really sure which one(s) I wanted to concentrate on for this challenge. I ended up changing my mind a couple of times, and finally decided to go with Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe books. Didn't finish the entire series this year, but I did read two of the books out of the seven that I still need to read: The Lady in the Lake, and The High Window. Didn't manage to get them reviewed -- I pretty much wiped out on reviews this year; hoping to do better in that area next year.

Still, I loved both of the books I read, and want to thank Yvonne for hosting this one. Now the question is: Should I sign up for the 2015 challenge?

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