Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Challenge Wrap-Up: 2014 European Reading Challenge

The 2014 European Reading Challenge was hosted by Rose City Reader (thanks, Gilion!), and runs through the end of next month. I signed up at the Four Star Level -- "Honeymooner," four books. Here's what I read, with links to the two reviews I managed to get posted:
  1. FRANCE: The Only Problem. Muriel Spark
    (Even though the book is about English characters, written by a Scot, the action takes place in France.)
  2. UK (Wales): Love Story, with Murders. Harry Bingham 
  3. SPAIN: The Good Suicides. Antonio Hill
  4. PORTUGAL: The Two Hotel Francforts. David Leavitt 

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  1. Congratulations on completing the 2014 European Reading Challenge! I hope you enjoyed it and are going to participate again in 2015. The sign up page for the 2015 challenge is up now -- you can find it here.

    I really like Muriel Spark books, so am going to look that one up. I am also going to go read you two reviews.

    Thanks for participating and for linking your wrap up post!


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