Sunday, December 07, 2014

Challenge Wrap-Up: 2014 Chunkster Challenge

The 2014 Chunkster Challenge was hosted by Vasilly, and the goal was to read books with 450 (or more) pages.

When I signed up, I intended to read at least a couple of chunksters, but ended up only finishing one -- Ten Lords A-Leaping, by C.C. Benison (490 pages). I think it's extremely unlikely that I'll read another 400-page tome before the end of the year (OK, it's definitely NOT gonna happen), so I'm wrapping this one up now. Thanks so much to Vasilly for hosting.


  1. You read one more chunkster than most people.

  2. yeah, you certainly read one more chunkster than me -- I seem to be sticking to the 150-180 pg. books. But, then, I am stuck in series reading too.


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