Monday, January 10, 2011

Reading Challenge Addict - That's Me!

Cheryl @ CMash Loves To Read, and Gina @ Hott Books are co-hosting the Reading Challenge Addict Challenge 2011, and they must have read my mind because I was thinking that I really, really need something like this. Yes, I am a reading challenge addict, and I am not ashamed to admit it. But I do need something to help me keep up to date on my progress during the year, and this should be just the ticket.

You can read all about the challenge here, and sign up here. The four levels of participation are:
  1. Easy as Pie: 1-5 Challenges (Entered & Completed)
  2. On the Roof: 6-10 Challenges (Entered & Completed)
  3. In Flight: 11-15 Challenges (Entered & Completed)
  4. Out of This World: 16+ Challenges (Entered & Completed)
And I'm definitely in the "Out of This World" category. I'm currently signed up for nineteen challenges: fifteen new ones just for 2011; three ongoing, perpetual or long-term challenges; and one personal challenge (also ongoing). They're all listed on my challenge blog, where I can keep track of my reading and reviews. Not making any firm promises at this early date, but I think I'll probably try to do a regular update post about the challenge, maybe once a month or so.

Now if I could just find a challenge that would keep me from signing up for more challenges, I'd be on the road to recovery!


  1. Welcome aboard!!! Stop by the Addicts site often because you never know what we have planned, but one thing that is a given, is that we plan on having lots of fun and lots of laughs!!!!

  2. Oh, my gosh! NINETEEN?!?! You DEFinitely fit into this category (I though I was bad with the 8 or 9 that I joined, knowing that I'll likely join some short-term ones throughout the year as well!) Welcome to the club!

  3. Woo hoo!! 19 challenges!! Good luck to you. I'm your newest follower. Going to check out your challenge post now :)


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