Saturday, January 01, 2011

Awesome Author Challenge 2011

I meant to do this last week, but got sidetracked with all the end-of-year goings-on. The Awesome Author Challenge is hosted by Alyce of At Home With Books. I participated in last year's challenge and really enjoyed it - in fact, it was one of my favorites and nudged me into sampling the work of several authors I've been meaning to try for decades.

So I definitely want to sign up for this year's edition. You can read all the guidelines on the announcement/sign-up page (here), but basically the aim of the challenge is to "read works from those authors who have been recommended to you time and again." I'm signing up at the "Simply Awesome" level, so I'll be reading 3-6 books. And as the year goes on, I'll be updating my reading progress on my challenge blog, here.

A preliminary list isn't required, and I'm not going to make one. But right now I'm thinking I might use this year's challenge to read some of the literary classics I've managed to miss out on over the years. Maybe Proust. Maybe Charlotte Bronte. Maybe James Patterson. Anything goes, so long as "you have heard great things about the author, but haven't yet read any of their works." How easy is that?


  1. Good luck with the challenge! I'm glad to see that you're participating again this year!

  2. Happy New Year, Joy! A good luck with another challenge!

    I just wanted to let you know that I have put up a Progress and Review post for the Vintage Mystery Challenge. You will find it at OR I have put a button on my home page that will take you right to it.

    I would appreciate it if, when you finish a book for the challenge, you would either leave a comment at the post or email the relevant info to me here at phryne1969 (at) gmail (dot) com. That way I can keep track of my challengers and try to be prepared when you're ready to claim a prize. And, I'll admit it, I'm really curious to see what you all decide to read for the challenge and maybe everyone else is too!

    Good luck!



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