Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ARCs TBR and the ARC Reading Challenge

This is sooooo embarrassing. But they say confession is good for the soul, right? So I'm 'fessing up to this huge backlog of ARCs I've got staring me in the face right now. I actually have books from a couple of years ago that I never got around to reading. For a while I thought "why bother?" – but that's the coward's way out, don't you think? And anyway, I feel I really owe it to the authors and publishers for sending me all those free books. So this year I'm pulling my socks up, putting on my big girl panties (and trotting out any other cliches I can come up with), and taking a real stab at reducing that humiliating stack.

And, apropos, I'm going to sign up for Teddy Rose's ARC Reading Challenge, if it's not too late. I'm signing up at the Bronze Level, which means I have to read and review at least twelve of the books on my list. I'll be starting with the most recent books, and then I'll go back and try to get the older ones read. It's almost certain that I won't get through all of these in a year's time, what with all my other reading commitments, but I'm going to give it my best shot (see - I did manage to find one more nice cliche). I'll be updating my progress throughout the year on my Challenge Blog.

And here's my list of ARCs to be read. More from 2008 than from last year. I did a little better in 2009, for some reason.


  1. Goodluck Joy!! You know what's so funny is that I just finished my post for tomorrow and it was all about coming clean about the books that I bring home and don't own up to!!!

    I have a stack of ARCs too, but I did find a friend that was willing to take half of them and review them for me!! :)

  2. That's a really long list, girly! I wonder if there is a challenge for let's see who can get through "London"! You are a much more dedicated -- and determined -- reader than I am HOWEVER -- I keep looking at what you are reading and I keep acquiring the books!


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