Sunday, June 07, 2009

Tony Time

OK, I'm not going to try to blog the Tonys or anything. But I am watching. And Angela Lansbury just won the award for Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play. I'm so happy about that. I was pulling for Angela Lansbury. And she won for playing Madame Arcati in "Blithe Spirit," which makes me happy, too. I always wanted to play that role. Came close in high school, but got beat out by a girl named Peggy Jacobs who was a grade ahead of me and much weirder than I was, so a natural for the part. I played Ruth, a thankless task. Had to paint my entire body blue for the ghost scenes. Ah, the roar of the greasepaint!

OK, that's enough of that.

Oh, Liza Minnelli just won for something! That makes me happy, too. For some inexplicable reason.

Anyway, back to the show.


  1. I think the Tony's are much more exciting than the Academy Awards -- I have no clue why but I like live theater and, even though I don't see much of it, I think it is awesome.

  2. Wasn't it good? I only got in on the last half hour or so but I was really glad those little kids from "Billy Elliott" won. I just love Angela Lansbury! Oh, and wasn't the "Hair" sequence great? I saw a college production of "Hair" a few years ago -- a bunch of Bri's friends were in it -- and they didn't manage to keep their clothes on! I suddenly had WAAAAAYYY TMI about some of them! Funny. Brianna also danced to "Hair" at a dance competition -- I think she might have choreographed it but I can't remember -- I will have to ask. One of these days, I will have to show you the tape.

  3. B-B:
    Yes, it was great entertainment, as always. Not as good as some past years, but still much better than anything Hollywood can do. I was really impressed with Neil Patrick Harris who hosted - I had no idea he was actually talented. I just think of him as Doogie Howser, twelve-year-old M.D.

    "Hair" was good, wasn't it? The music still sounds pretty fresh, even after all these years. Don't think I've ever seen a live production - and I guess that's something I'd remember. I would love to see the tape sometime - can I assume that Bri did not get nekkid?

  4. Hahah! No, she wasn't in it, we were just attending. She had a couple of friends in it so she decided to go see it -- it was at the jr. college. They did a real good job, I was just a bit surprised that they actually did disrobe but the lighting was such that by the time you realized it, it had changed -- very subtle but, from my point of view, very brave for those involved.

    I think Brandon now has the equipment to take VHS to DVD so I am going to get him to burn her tapes so I can have a copy of them -- there are a lot of them so watching them is a lot like watching vacation slides but you might like to see some of it -- see how she spent her time in high school! She misses it -- never worried about getting out of a size 4 then.

  5. We were watching Avenue Q during the Tony's, but as we walked through Times Square on the way back to our hotel we were caught up in the huge crowd standing around watching the show live on the big screens. Should've taken a picture!


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