Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Teaser Tuesdays: Speaking with the Dead

This week, my teaser lines come from The Girl Who Would Speak for the Dead, by Paul Elwork. The novel is set in the 1920s and was inspired by the lives of the Fox sisters and the Spiritualism movement during the nineteenth century. I've just started the book, but it's already got me hooked. This quote comes from the end of chapter three, and the "she" it mentions is thirteen-year-old Emily Stewart, the girl who will eventually claim to be able to contact the dead. This excerpt comes from an uncorrected proof of the novel, so please remember that the finished copy might be slightly different.
In the darkness she could hear a company of goblins laughing and calling to each other, goblins made of moonbeams and rotting leaves....It was a celebration - they were expecting her. But she was afraid....The goblins sang,"Em-i-ly...Em-i-ly...Em-i-leeeeeeeeeeee..."
Well, so far no actual goblins have shown up in the book. But I have a feeling a couple of ghosts may be getting ready to make an appearance.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting read.

    Here's my teaser for this week.

  2. I have this on my list but it might be too scary for me.

  3. Love the cover but this one sounds too scary and creepy for my taste too.

    Here's ours if you get a chance to stop by:

  4. This sounds very intriguing! When is it going to be released?

  5. Very spooky! Poor Emily!
    Here are my two teases: The Beloved Dead

  6. Sounds creepy! Love creepy!


  7. Interesting teaser. I hope that you are enjoying your book. Check out my Teaser for Tuesday.

  8. Wonderful teaser. It looks worth checking out. If this goes on, how do I reduce my tbr pile?

    Here is my Teaser Tuesday: No Turning Back by Kaylea Cross post!

  9. Very good teaser. I learned from "Goblin Market" that I don't want the goblins chanting my name....

    Here's mine: http://myreadersblock.blogspot.com/2011/03/teaser-tuesdays_29.html

  10. I agree ... interesting teaser! I do like books with ghosts. Hope you're enjoying it.

    Sunshine @ http://bookloversunshine.blogspot.com/

  11. Love the deliciously creepy cover on this one!

  12. Thanks, everyone, for the comments and for stopping by. If I didn't get around to your TT entry this week, I apologize. Had my annual eye exam yesterday and my eyes were dilated and wonky most of the day. I'll try to make up for my laziness very soon!


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