Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Intruder in the Dark, by George Bellairs

Inspector Littlejohn #43
First published 1966
Kindle edition, Ipso Books, 2016; 224 pages

Description (from
In the strange, nearly-deserted village of Plumpton Bois, Mr Cyril Savage inherits the home of his wealthy and estranged Aunt. But before Savage has the chance to discover her fortune, he is struck dead in the cellar of this once grand country house. 
The police are baffled and, unable to unearth a motive – let alone a killer, call for the assistance of Scotland Yard. Superintendent Littlejohn and Inspector Cromwell arrive in Plumpton Bois and find the village, the family, and the house itself full of secrets. 
The door to a locked room has been bashed open, Savage’s aunt is not nearly as rich as she seemed to be, and now another body has turned up on Littlejohn’s watch…

The Inspector Littlejohn mysteries are a new discovery for me. Not sure how I managed to miss out on such a long-running series (57 books between 1941 and 1980!), but I'm very happy that I've found them.

Overall, I enjoyed this entry in the group. A little more "procedural" than I might have liked -- I think I would have been happier with a little less talking about the case, and a little more action. But apart from that quibble, I thought it was very well written and found Superintendent Littlejohn a very intriguing character. I can definitely see myself continuing with this series in the future.

Rating: ★★★

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