Thursday, July 14, 2011

Theme Thursday: Body Parts

This is a new one for me. Theme Thursday is a weekly event hosted by Reading Between the Pages. Each Thursday, a theme is posted for that week. Participants select a conversation, snippet, or sentence from whatever book they're reading and post it for everyone to read. Sounds like a great way to discover new books and authors, so here goes.

This week's theme is BODY PARTS, and this excerpt is from John Verdon's new thriller, Shut Your Eyes Tight. It's taken from an uncorrected proof of the novel, so please remember that the quote may differ slightly in the published edition.

And I should probably put up a **GORE ALERT** before I start!
"The body was sitting in a chair at [a] small square table in the front room, six feet from the entry door." He grimaced, as one might at the smell of a skunk. "As I said, the body was sitting at the table. But the head was not on the body. The head was on the table in a pool of blood. On the table, facing the body, still wearing the tiara you saw in the video." (p.73)
Sorry. Hope you're not eating breakfast while you're reading this.


  1. My kind of book.

  2. Oh, my...I just finished my morning snack! LOL

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Glad I'm not eating LOL! Good post for this week though. :)

  4. Also my kind of book. I wonder what that says about us? :P


  5. Gruesome - just what I like ! I loved John Verdon's first book and looking forward to this one.
    Hope you'll enjoy taking part in this fun meme.

  6. Well now, that's visual :) Sounds like a book I'd like :)

  7. Sounds right up my alley - I love the blood and gore...
    Here's my Thursday Theme

  8. Ack, blech!!! Hahaha, just sat down with a snack. Maybe I shouldn't have!

  9. +JMJ+

    Oh, my! =P I'd laugh at the dark humour of it all, but then I'd feel guilty. ;-)

    A few blogs ago, I thought that the Romance readers were having the most fun with this week's challenge, but now I think the Thriller fans are giving them a run for their money!

    Here is my snippet for this week, which is from neither Romance nor Thriller: Theme Thursday @ Shredded Cheddar


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