Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday's List: This Time It's Personal

Since we're already past mid-year now, I've been doing a little stock-taking: trying to figure out how I'm doing with all the reading challenges I've foolishly enthusiastically signed up for this year. Also trying to decide what to take with me to the beach in August. So this week's list is a little bit of how-I'm-doing-so-far business. The links will lead you to my reading lists for each challenge.
I'm actually doing a little better than I realized, considering the first half of this year has been really slow for me, where reading is concerned. Hoping to do a little better in this second half.

With just a few exceptions, all the challenges run through December, so I've still got time to catch up with most of them. However, the Themed Reading Challenge ends August 15, which means I should definitely keep that one in mind when I'm packing away those beach reads next week. But my chosen theme is mystery novels that feature amateur sleuths, written by female authors -- and for me that's a perfect choice for vacation reading.


  1. why I do not do challenges...too hard to keep track of it all! lol

  2. Ah, see, you're already doing better than I am in that you've actually signed up for the darn things. I am awful. Every year I say that I'll do some and I never even get to the starting line. Sigh.


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