Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Teaser Tuesdays: Whose Body?

This week my teaser lines come from Whose Body?, the first novel in the series of Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries by Dorothy L. Sayers. In this snippet, Wimsey has just been informed by his mother (the Duchess) about a very interesting murder case involving the architect who was working on the local church. Not sure what page it's from, since I'm looking at it on my iPad; but it's around the middle of the first chapter. The dialogue is between Lord Peter and his manservant Bunter:
"Her Grace tells me that a respectable Battersea architect has discovered a dead man in his bath."

"Indeed, my lord? That's very gratifying."

"Very, Bunter. Your choice of words is unerring."
I love the little bits of banter between these two. I read this Wimsey many years ago, but I think it might just be time for a re-read.

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  1. I like the conversation between these characters...intriguing use of language.

    Here's MY TT POST

  2. I find their words about a murder, well, different and funny.

  3. Love Lord Peter & Bunter! Enjoy if you do decide to reread!

    Here's mine: http://myreadersblock.blogspot.com/2011/07/teaser-tuesdays_26.html

  4. I read these so long ago that it must be time for a re-read. I loved the interaction between Lord Peter and Wimsey. My teasers are from The Vampire Stalker by Alison Van Diepen and Breaking Point by Pamela Clare. Happy reading!

  5. Cute banter.


  6. I read this one last summer and liked it. Though i haven't yet read any of her other books, I did recently finish all of the Lord Peter short stories in Dorothy L. Sayer's The Complete Stories. He's an odd but amusing individual. My teaser

  7. FYI: The Lawrence Block novel (Random Walk) that I am reading now is a departure from his usual thing.

  8. I don’t think my TBR pile will recover from the teasers this week! So many amazing books I want and so little time. Hope you will stop by and check out my White Cat teaser on http://EmmaMichaels.Blogspot.com !

  9. Sounds interesting...I have a book of hers with two stories in it.

  10. Sayers is on my list to read this year. I like this snippet.

  11. Ooh, I like! Looks like a pretty good read, too.


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