Thursday, May 12, 2011

Booking Through Thursday: Age-Appropriate

This week BTT asks about the age-level of the books we read:
Do you read books “meant” for other age groups? Adult books when you were a child; Young-Adult books now that you’re grown; Picture books just for kicks … You know … books not “meant” for you. Or do you pretty much stick to what’s written for people your age?
Good question, and I'll be interested in seeing what others answer. As for me, I'll just say that I read all sorts of stuff - if it sounds intriguing, I'll read it no matter who or what age group it's aimed at. And I think I've always had that habit; as a child I read "adult" books if I thought they sounded interesting...and if I could get away with it!

Last year, I didn't read much kiddie lit, but since the beginning of this year, I believe I've read more books aimed at young readers than those written for adults. So I guess I must go through phases. Or maybe I'm just regressing - at my advanced age, that's also a definite possibility.


  1. I tend to read "adult" novels, and have since like junior high, but I do read middle school and YA books with my daughter. And I can't resist the occasional picture book.

  2. Joy, thanks for stopping by mine. As I said I have read a few YA books--that thankfully weren't agnst-ridden! I just don't tend to do those unless they really sound good or I have a challenge in hand.

  3. I'm so surprised that so many people admitted to reading kiddie lit; I thought for sure I'd be the only one. I like your regression theory. ;O)

  4. I'm the same way. A good story is a good story no matter what age group it's written for.


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