Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Teaser Tuesdays: Pat Conroy's Reading Life

This week my teaser lines come from My Reading Life, by novelist Pat Conroy. In this passage, Conroy is talking about Margaret Mitchell's novel Gone with the Wind, a book he read at an impressionable age (just as I did), and which he says is responsible for his becoming a novelist. The quote comes from an advance copy of the book, so please remember that it may differ in the published version:
Gone with the Wind has many flaws, but it cannot, even now, be easily put down. It still glows and quivers with life. American letters will always be tiptoeing nervously around that room where Scarlett O'Hara dresses for the party at Twelve Oaks as the War Between the States begins to inch its way toward Tara. [p.22]
I remember having a rather heated discussion with my tenth grade English teacher about whether or not Gone with the Wind should be seen as a romance or as "slice of life" realism. I was on the realism side and destined to lose the argument. But I suppose most fourteen-year-old girls have trouble distinguishing reality from romance, even today. Come to think of it, a lot of us older girls have that same problem.

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  1. Reading your teaser makes me want to reread the book.

  2. I've never read Pat Conroy, but I sure do love Gone With the Wind! Thanks for sharing! Here's my Teaser from Firelight. And I've got a big giveaway, too!

  3. Oh, my, I LOVED Gone with the Wind, too. As a teen, I must have read it two or three times. I wonder how I'd feel about it now?

    Also, Conroy is a favorite Southern writer...I have South of Broad on this week's reading list.

    Here's my teaser:


  4. I loved Gone With the Wind. It is one of my all-time favorites. I'm not sure I can handle someone tearing it up, so I hope Conroy is not being rude when he talks of the book.


  5. I remember reading GWTW in high school and being shocked at Scarlett's sex life. I was rather sheltered, heh.

    This book sounds interesting.

  6. Here is my teaser from The Wolves of Andover by Kathleen Kent (Page 8):

    Martha saw it all clear in that moment: this was the instant her place in the family would be decided. If she lost her footing at the outset, she would forever be dealt with as no more than a servant.

  7. Makes me want to go dig out my copy of GWTW. Not that I don't have plenty of books on the TBR list....

    Here's mine: http://myreadersblock.blogspot.com/2010/11/teaser-tuesday.html

  8. Would you believe that I've never rad the book, but I have seen the movie a multitude of times.

    One day, will make it to the list of "Yes, I read Gone with the Wind".

  9. This makes me want to pick up not just Gone With the Wind but my old copy of Conroy's The Prince of Tides that I didn't finish. Nice teaser :)


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