Wednesday, November 24, 2010

RIP V: The Wrap-Up

Wow, I am soooo late getting this done. Being on the road for most of November has really slowed down all my blogging activity for the month. But I did want to do a short wrap-up post for the RIP/V Challenge, as it's one of my favorite reading events – something I wait for all year long!

Reading for the RIP Challenge is always fun because it encompasses almost all my favorite genres. This year I did pretty good on the reading part of the challenge, but not so great when it comes to writing reviews of what I read (still working on that). I signed up at the Peril-the-First level (four books), but I actually finished six books. Here's what I read (with links to the few reviews I've done up to now):
  1. The Inheritance. Simon Tolkien [See Review]
  2. Cards on the Table. Agatha Christie [See Review]
  3. The House Next Door. Anne Rivers Siddons [See Review]
  4. Book of Shadows. Alexandra Sokoloff [Review to come]
  5. The Dark Half. Stephen King [Review to come]
  6. We Have Always Lived in the Castle. Shirley Jackson [Review to come]
And I finished everything up by spending Halloween night reading that last book (the Shirley Jackson), and watching The Haunting (the original Robert Wise version from 1963, with Julie Harris, Claire Bloom, Richard Johnson and Russ Tamblyn). Had a great, spooky time and drove the hubby crazy.

This year I also took advantage of the new addition to the challenge, Peril on the Screen. I'm not going to review these, but here's my list of films/TV shows watched:
  1. Midsomer Murders: "Sauce for the Goose" (TV series; Episode #807, 2005)
  2. Midsomer Murders: "Midsomer Rhapsody" (TV series; Episode #808, 2005)
  3. Midsomer Murders: "The House in the Woods" (TV series; Episode #901, 2005)
  4. Midsomer Murders: "Dead Letters" (TV series; Episode #902, 2005)
  5. Midsomer Murders: "Vixen's Run" (TV series; Episode # 903, 2005)
  6. Midsomer Murders: "Down Among the Dead Men" (TV series; Episode #904, 2005)
  7. Midsomer Murders: "Death in Chorus" (TV series; Episode #905, 2006)
  8. Midsomer Murders: "Country Matters" (TV series; Episode #906, 2006)
  9. Midsomer Murders: "Last Year's Model" (TV series; Episode #907, 2006)
  10. Inspector Lewis: "Counter Culture Blues" (TV series; 2010)
  11. Inspector Lewis: "The Dead of Winter" (TV series; 2010)
  12. Inspector Lewis: "Dark Matter" (TV series; 2010)
  13. Inspector Lewis: "Your Sudden Death Question" (TV series; 2010)
  14. Inspector Lewis: "Falling Darkness" (TV series; 2010)
  15. Inspector Morse: "Last Bus from Woodstock" (TV series; 1988)
  16. Inspector Morse: "The Settling of the Sun" (TV series; 1988)
  17. Inspector Morse: "Second Time Around" (TV series; 1991)
  18. Blood from the Mummy's Tomb (film; 1972)
  19. The Bourne Supremacy (film; 2004)
  20. The Bourne Ultimatum (film; 2007)
  21. The Brides of Dracula (film; 1960)
  22. The Curse of Frankenstein (film; 1957)
  23. Curse of the Demon (film; 1957)
  24. The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (film; 1964)
  25. The Dark Half (film; 1993)
  26. Dark Mirror (film; 2007)
  27. Dead of Night (film; 1945)
  28. Dracula, Prince of Darkness (film; 1966)
  29. Five Million Years to Earth (film; 1967)
  30. The Forgotten (film; 2004)
  31. Frankenstein Created Woman (film; 1967)
  32. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (film; 1969)
  33. The Haunting (film; 1963)
  34. The Mummy's Shroud (film; 1967)
  35. The Revenge of Frankenstein (film; 1958)
  36. Secrets Inside the Walls (film; 2010)
  37. Session 9 (film; 2001)
  38. The Talented Mr. Ripley (film; 1999)
  39. These Are the Damned (film; 1962)
  40. The Uninvited (film; 1944)
  41. X The Unknown (film; 1956)
Gee, just one more and I'd have the perfect number – 42!

I want to say a huge thank you to Carl V. at Stainless Steel Droppings for hosting this again. I don't think I could get through October without it!


  1. Holy cow! You rocked that challenge!

  2. How did you manage to read with that much film watching, AHmazing

    Great job. I completed it 5 days after and didn't post, felt like I missed the boat :-(

  3. Nicely done! I will be reviewing this post when I'm in the mood for something thrilling and creepy -- it'll be a great reference for me!


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